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Written by Dale Crow   
Sep 29, 2006 at 01:48 PM

Press Release




Crow University

Accredited by

The IAFU announces the omnibus accreditation of Crow University. The accreditation occurred more quickly and ranged more broadly than any granted before. It authorizes Crow University to begin conferring IAFU sanctioned degrees in fifty-five disciplines, including both law and medicine. The Crow University is also home of the famed Crow Society http://Crow.bz.

In announcing the IAFU decision, Accreditation Committee Chairperson Henny U. Willdeau expressed amazement about Crow University and the rapidity with which it was accredited. "Frankly, I've never surveyed such a school." said Willdeau.

Additional information regarding Crow University may be obtained by visiting the universities web site at: http://CrowUniversity.org. GO CROW U!




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