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Written by Dale Crow   
Sep 29, 2006 at 01:55 PM

Complete list of fake degrees!
Plus a handy chart to keep up with them!

Enhancing your educational profile need not mean more than
choosing between fake degrees!

We hear it everyday-- "With so many fake degrees, it's hard to choose!"...
"DDS or DVS?"... "MPA or MPE?"... "Choices! Choices! Choices!"...

Frankly, the International Association of Fake Universities (IAFU) is
disappointed by this either-or thinking. Where does it say one can't have
fake degrees? Four degrees? Certainly! Nine degrees? You bet!

Yes, IAFU encourages you to graduate every way you want. And to prove
we mean it we've put our complete list of fake degrees on a handy check
sheet. Before you matriculate use this tool to easily identify every degree
you've ever wanted. After you obtain your degrees use it to easily remember
you've graduated.

Click here to get your on-line, no-wait, amazingly realistic,
fully customized diploma!

Below is a chart to help you keep up with your fake degrees!

    Major Date
Bachelor of Arts B.A.    
Bachelor of Business Administration B.B.A.    
Bachelor of Education B.Ed.    
Bachelor of Science B.S.    
Master of Arts M.A.    
Master of Business Administration M.B.A.    
Master of Education M.Ed.    
Master of Engineering M.E.    
Master of Fine Arts M.F.A.    
Master of Library Science M.L.S.    
Master of Physical Education M.P.E.    
Master of Public Administration M.P.A.    
Master of Science M.S.    
Doctor of Dental Surgery D.D.S.    
Doctor of Divinity D.D.    
Doctor of Engineering D.E.    
Doctor of Jurisprudence J.D.    
Doctor of Medicine M.D.    
Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.    
Doctor of Veterinary Science D.V.S.    
IAFU-- Home of beaucoup fake degrees


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