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Written by Dale Crow   
Sep 30, 2006 at 08:06 PM

Our Faculty

Crow University's exceptional faculty members offer instruction and advising that's dynamic, meaningful and individualized.

Academic and Real-world Expertise.

Crow University's core faculty members teach and advise full-time. Along with the other experienced faculty and instructors, core faculty have great expertise in their fields and in the art of teaching.

Many faculty hone their skills by working as organizational or educational consultants, practicing as psychologists, publishing books or articles, or working for social justice or environmental causes.

We will soon list our Faculty below. If you would like to become a one of our professors that is listed below go the the Contact Us section and send in the name you want posted.

Rev. Dr. Dale C. Crow

Crow University US Faculty members

Rev. Dr. Dale C. Crow PhD, DD
Doctor of Prunology; Doctor Of Divinity
Credentials Of Ministry; Credential of Minister
Dr. Bob Rogers
Professor of Psychology & Philosophy

Dr. Dan Hoffman
Professor of Cheerleading & Gymnastics
Dr. Frances Cribbs PhD, DD
Professor of Biblical Studies

Dr. Bill Cooke PhD, DD
Professor of Asian Studies & Girl's Volleyball
Dr. Lee Crow PhD, MCSE, CCNP & BFD
Professor of Middle Eastern Relations & Oral Communications


United Kingdom Faculty Members

Yes we are now in the U.K. Crow U is growing thanks to you!

Rev. Doc. Bev Simpson D.D, PhD, D.E.
Chancellor of our UK Campus
Professor Emeritus of Corvid Communication & Habitat & Jungian Studies
Note: She is wearing a Crow Society Badge with honor!
Professor Jayne Newell Ph.D, M.A
Vice Chancellor, UK Campus
Professor of Philosophy & Spiritual Studies.
Note: She is also wearing a Crow Society Badge with honor!



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