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Written by Dale Crow   
Oct 07, 2006 at 05:50 PM

Clubs & Organizations

The University offers diverse opportunities for participation in extracurricular activities and encourages the development of student-interest groups and activities. We like our students to be able to think "out side of the box".

The Crow Society - No longer a secret society, the Crow Society has gone public. They offer free member ship for all Crow University students and alumni.

Cat Herders Club - Cat Herders Of America™. You ever feel like you have been herding cats? Well you are not alone! Come join the other Cat Herders Of America.

The Spitting Image Church - This is the Campus Church. It offers thought provoking humor.

CrowTech.com - This is the Campus Comedy Club. Funny Video Clips, Cartoons, Clean Jokes & Stories. More clean fun than one should be allowed to have. This is one of the hot spots on campus!


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