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Written by Dale Crow   
Oct 28, 2006 at 08:45 AM

Take Our Polls

On every web page we have some of the most off the wall polls. Please take the time to take the polls and let us know what you think! We like our students and alumni to be able to think "out side of the box"

You can click on RESULTS and you can view the results of ALL of the polls.

Here are the links to the polls on our web site. Enjoy!

link - How do you view Gothic people?

link - Would you rather be blind or deaf?

link - How do you view girls with tattoos on the small of their backs?

link - Superman, Batman, or Spiderman?

link - Pepsi or Coke?

link - How do you view guys that show their underwear and grab themselves?

link - How do you like the web site?

link - Should you be honest and tell people that one size really does not fit all?

link - Guys when using the bathroom (#1) do you....

link - Does the vocabulary you use really matter?

link - What is your favorite fast food place?

link - You may have a genetic flaw that would kill you in your 30's would you get tested to find out?


Our polls are fun for everyone! If you have a poll you would like to see on the CrowU web site email us and let us know. Click on the Contact Us on the menu. We have two spots open for two polls!



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How do you like the web site?
Why do people get Fake degrees?